Aliexpress Payment Failed System Failure – solution

By | August 6, 2017

Have you experienced recently that you are receiving Payment Failed on your checkout at Aliexpress?

I was able to circumvent the Payment Failure with the procedure listed below. I hope this could also help you.


Go to your Order List and find the product that was failed to be payed in the Aliexpress system.

You will see a status “Awaiting Payment.” Click on the Pay Now button.



A pop-up checkout message will prompt you to pay.

Notice that the card saved in Alipay is in the “Pay with card.” Do not select this. Instead, select the “Other payment methods.”



You will then be redirected to the cashier page of Aliexpress.

You will be shown your Alipay account email and your card detail like in the picture above. Select “Pay with ” option. And then, click Pay Now.



If successful, you will see the message just like the one below.


I hope this post had helped you with the Aliexpress dilemma.

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